• Xanita collected all the stands from CTICC
  • Exhibitors can collect stands from Xanita premises on Tuesday, 11 and 18 October and Thursday, 13 and Thursday 20 October between the hours of 10h00 and 15h00 only.
  • Aldrene at Xanita to be notified via email at least 24 hours prior to collection at stating the exact items required.
  • Full stand, Printed Panels and / or tables.
  • It is suggested that Regional Vendors collaborate in order to arrange a group collection with a nominated transporter.
  • All stands not collected by 20 October will be recycled or donated to a selected NPO.

STOCK DELIVERYchange of delivery address!

Please accept our apologies. In view that the Culemborg is a building site & very messy, we have decided to move the Receiving warehouse as follows:

Exhibitors must deliver their wine stock to Exhibition Freighting GSM between 26-28 Sept 2022.

Please label all boxes with the labels that are provide on the CapeWine2022

Failure to do so, will result in your wines stored in the wrong place.

Delivery address:

Exhibition Freighting GSM
c/o NW Logistics
7 Falcon Crescent, Airport Industria
Cape Town
Contact: Aziza / Warehouse Receiver
Wiseman / Onsite Supervisor
Tel: 021 552 7248
Contact: Monelisi Gaji / Project Manager

Your stock will be sorted and stored with Exhibition Freighting and transported to the CTICC in time for the Show.

Once at the CTICC the stock will be stored in a central storage area, and we will have porters on duty throughout the show should you require any replenishments of your stock of wines.

To receive wine from the storage onsite exhibitors must liaise with your dedicated porter, in order for them to bring the requested wine to your stand.

Exhibitors are to take their leftover wine with them on Friday evening, 7 Oct 2022 between 18h00 – 19h00, during breakdown. Any wine left over in the venue following breakdown will be taken back to Exhibition Freighting offices, whereby it can be collected at a cost.

Wine Labels

Download Wine Labels

Please note the tabs on the spreadsheet:

Day 1, White, Day 1 Red,
Day 2 White, Day 2 Red,
Day 3 White, Day 3 Red
Display wines

View Exhibitor Manual for Package Stands

View Exhibitor Manual for Custom Stands

View Updated BDM 12 Engineers Appointment

View SANS Form

Custom Stand - From to be completed

2m x 2m stand Download Graphic Pack

3m x 2m stand Download Graphic Pack
NOTE: Only 1 landscape OR 2 vertical panels can be used on the 3x2m stand

6m x 2m stand Download Graphic Pack

8m x 2m cluster stand Download Graphic Pack

8m x 4m cluster stand Download Graphic Pack