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Conservation goes hand in hand with sustainable farming practices

‘Conservation of the critical endangered Elim Fynbos is the cornerstone on which we have based our farming practices’ -Geoff McIver

Lomond Wines, a member since 2005, is situated in the heart of the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy and is home to a wide diversity of endangered flora...Read More

WWF champion

Diemersdal Wine Estate has become the latest WWF Conservation Champion. This is a select group of 50 South African wine farms who have met the programme’s stringent requirements, thereby proving themselves to be leaders of nature conservation and sustainable wine production. Currently only 50 farms...Read More

and sustainability

An impending carbon tax, as well as increasing customer knowledge about the importance of reducing energy consumption, has heightened interest in South Africa's wine industry's energy performance. South Africa is among the world's top 10 wine-producing countries...Read More


Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as leaves and food scraps, into a valuable fertilizer that can enrich soil and plants. So begins The Natural Resources Defense Council’s Composting 101....Read More


Few people understood Boplaas cellar master and Boplaas owner Carel Nel’s motivation to buy a large swathe of land for the sake of wild plants that grew on it. Some two decades later, however, that foresight has made the wine and spirit producer a regional leader in conservation. Read More

Five South African wine brands that give back

In the spirit of #wineforgood month, we are honoured to share the stories of local wine brands that are giving back.
In 2019, wine.co.za started dedicating the month of April to showcasing all the good things happening in the wine industry. Read More


Today we celebrate Earth Day by highlighting the various ways we are regenerating our environment.
At Bosman Adama we believe that our natural environment is integral to the sustainability of our community. Read More

Where Are They Now? A Pebbles Project Impact Story
Johnlin Plaatjies

Johnlin grew up on Delheim wine farm with his father, mother and sister.
Johnlin was very close to his father: “I learned a lot of things from my father Read More

Where Are They Now? A Pebbles Project Impact Story
Michelle van Wyk

Michelle was born on Bellevue wine farm where she attended the Pebbles After School Club.
Michelle recalls her favourite memory at Pebbles as being part of the School Leaver Programme that Read More

Where Are They Now? A Pebbles Project Impact Story
Bradley Kriel

Bradley was born and raised on Eikendal wine farm. As a young boy, Bradley attended the
Pebbles Project After School Club. Bradley enjoyed the Pebbles Literacy Initiative that was Read More

Villiera Wines:
Conserving our Environment

Villiera Wines is a family-owned farm situated in the Stellenbosch region and is managed for
wine grape production. However, finding the perfect balance between agricultural Read More